All of west virginia fruit & berry products are made like grandma would have made.

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  • All natural
  • No additives
  • no preservatives
  • No corn syrup

Preserves and Fruit Butters Like Grandma Used To Make

Welcome to West Virginia Fruit and Berry’s home page - We look forward to 2014!!!! We promise to continue to provide you with delicious preserves/jams/jellies/fruit butters. All natural with no corn syrups and gluten free always!!!


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No Corn Syrup / No Additives

What better gift than a product that reminds us all of family, friends and tradition of growing up on the farm with jams and preserves grandma used to prepare. Great for your business associates, too...

All of West Virginia Fruit and Berry products are made like grandma would have made, all natural with no additives, no preservatives and NO CORN SYRUP!!!

"The Berry Patch Gift Shop" at the farm is open all year by appointment. So please call ahead to be sure we will be there to greet you. We offer a full line of our products, as well as other WV Specialty Food Products for our in house custom gift baskets, made to order while you wait. Corporate Gifts are available all year as well. Print directions to the gift shop >>

What is the difference between PRESERVES/JAMS/JELLIES/FRUIT BUTTERS?

Preserves are the fruit cut up, cooked and then pressed, to extract something, usually a pit or seed then finishing with the whole fruit left (the pulp of the fruit) left in.

Jams are the fruit cut up, cooked and nothing taken out.

Jelly is just the juice of the fruit cooked.

Fruit Butters are fruit cooked for hours and stirred constantly until cooked down to a thick smooth texture and then spices are added.

If you can't make it yourself, we are the next best thing!

Order options to meet your personal needs:

We ship in gift sets of 3 jars. Want more? Add in multiples of 3 and mix and match your favorite flavors. Your gift set includes a gift card with your personal greeting. See our online store for an entire listing of all our products.

You pay cost per jar plus shipping and handling to the shipping location. You will receive a confirmation of your order by mail, sent the same day as your gift so that you will know that your order has been shipped. Go ahead...send your list today.

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