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Founders | Bob & Becky Titchenal

Founders | Bob & Becky Titchenal

"If you can’t make it yourself, we are the next best thing."

- Bob and Becky Titchenal



About us

A collection of all-natural preserves and fruit wines with varieties of berries and fruits native to the Appalachian region. Our full selection of fresh fruit preserves, fruit butters and fruit wine come from a history of passion, dedication, and a promise to deliver to our customers the all-natural products inspired by our West Virginia heritage. Our company started nearly 25 years ago, offering a few varieties of preserves in fairs and festivals throughout the state, to now being available in over 600 retail stores in the region including major retailers like Kroger, Wal-Mart, and Sam’s Club. 

What makes Fruit & Berry® Unique?

Store shelves today flaunt popular mainstream products depicting to be “healthy”, only to find it’s just brimming with high fructose corn syrup, empty fillers, chemical preservatives, and artificial flavors... West Virginia Fruit and Berry bring our customers wholesome goodness – just like grandma used to make! 


It all starts with the best ingredients: Our all-natural products contain no chemical additives or preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and nohigh-fructose corn syrup. Simply jam-packed with real whole fresh berries, real sugar, fruit pectin (a natural fruit fiber for the structure of the preserve), and citric acid (natural fruit acidity to preserve freshness), and then we remove those bothersome seeds leaving an amazing all-natural whole fruit preserve. We believe that if we wouldn’t serve it to our own family, we wouldn’t offer it to yours. This belief has helped us provide quality all-natural products that are lacking in our grocery stores today to our customers as a proud West Virginia owned business that has gained a following of fans around the world.


West Virginia Fruit and Berry is proudly displayed in hundreds of retail stores in the region, and available online. Our products include Fruit Wines, Seedless Preserves, Jalapeno jams, Fruit Butters, and an All Juice-Sweetened Preserve line sweetened with grape sugar rather than our traditional granulated sugar. We continue to develop new products from time to time so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates.


Our fusion of fresh region-favorite fruits and berries, and time-honored recipes run deep in our brand. It has been our passion and we are proud to share it with you. Since 1995, starting as berry growers in the Sun Valley area of Clarksburg, our local roots and commitment to the community and state have not only put us, but West Virginia, on the map as a regional culinary favorite. 

Our History

Bob and Becky Titchenal, both native West Virginians, formed West Virginia Fruit and Berry in early 1995. We started growing berries in the Sun Valley area of Clarksburg, WV and then moved, in 1998, to a new farm location in Bridgeport, WV. It was our intent in the beginning to grow berries for West Virginia wineries, and then expand our ideas to introduce our own line of “Value Added” products.

The more we researched the potential of quality West Virginia food products for the specialty food market, the more we were excited by the potential of expanding WV agricultural production for the average family farmer.


We started marketing our WV Fruit and Berry products and continued to preach alternative sustainable agriculture for small family farms. This offers small family farms the potential of growing specialty crops such as fruits, berries, herbs, flowers and whatever the niche markets would demand, thus giving the farmers a chance for additional income from either selling what they grow or creating their own value added products. There is a need for small fruit growers in our state. We can help create a market for the fruits they grow. There is no doubt that we are finding a market for WV grown products, not only in this state, but in neighboring states as well.

Through mail order, our products have even found their way to the homes of people in Europe, the Far East and Asia. People of West Virginia are proud to share a piece of West Virginia through gifts to their friends all over the world. West Virginians, who are living all over the world, also crave a taste of the heritage of West Virginia.

In September of 2015, Bob and Becky announced that the company would celebrate their 20th Anniversary of marketing value added products for the state of West Virginia by adding a new line of fruit wines. Named and flavored from the same berries in our mouth-watering preserves, jams, jellies and fruit butters, we introduced four WV wines, which include Mountain Blackberry, Wild & Wonderful Raspberry/Luscious Cherry Blossom and Uncle Jake’s Elderberry Wine.

These Wines are now available in the states of WV, VA, MD, KY, NC, and D.C. where wines are sold. Ask for them by name, West Virginia Fruit and Berry, Fruit Wines!

Distributed by Mountain State Beverage in West Virginia… In VA, MD, DC and NC they are Distributed by The Country Vintner... In Kentucky they are distributed by Republic National Distributing Company. 



West Virginia Fruit and Berry has had a consistent, high quality, all natural product line for 23 years. Kroger, our largest food chain in WV, has been a supporter since 1997. We have many grocers, gift shops, state parks, restaurants and B&B’s in West Virginia that have supported us from the beginning. You’ll find them on our website or by clicking “Where to Buy” at the top of this site.

West Virginia Fruit and Berry has become known for its premium quality fruit and berry products through sales from our booths at the wonderful fairs and festivals in West Virginia. With the introduction of our NEW line of Fruit Wines, Bob and Becky have begun to focus on our expansion into the commercial retail chain markets and big box stores, such as Kroger, Shop N Save, Riesbeck’s and Sam’s Club, to name a few.

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We have not scheduled any Fairs and Festivals to attend personally this year. However, we will continue to support this wonderful resource and will have our products represented through the support of family and friends who continue work in these events. So, you may find our products along your journey throughout the region. Our endeavor is to make our products more readily available to you, our loyal customers.

Events such as Wine Tastings, Product Demonstrations, Food Shows and Fairs and Festivals will be listed on the “Upcoming Events” section of our homepage. You may also choose to purchase by supporting your favorite organizations through fundraisers. Check out our Corporate/Fundraising page for more information.