All of west virginia fruit & berry products are made like grandma would have made.

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  • All natural
  • No additives
  • no preservatives
  • No corn syrup


Owners: Bob and Becky Titchenal

Beginning as growers of fruits and berries in 1995 to marketing the preserves and fruit butters we all grew up enjoying, made West Virginia Fruit and Berry what we are today. We offer a great line of traditional food products indigenous to the wonderful state of West Virginia, made like our grandmothers made.

We have fast become a family favorite.

We hope you enjoy our delicious line of products… If you can't make it yourself, we are the next best thing.
Bob and Becky Titchenal


Bob and Becky Titchenal, both native West Virginians’, formed West Virginia Fruit and Berry in early 1995. We started growing berries in Sun Valley, Clarksburg, WV, then moved in 1998 to a new farm location in Bridgeport, WV. It was our intent in the beginning to grow berries for West Virginia Wineries, and then expanded our ideas to introduce our own line of "Value Added" Products. The more we researched the potential of quality WV Food Products for the specialty food market the more we were excited by the potential of expanding WV agricultural production for the average family farmer. We started marketing our WV Fruit and Berry products and continued to preach alternative sustainable agriculture for small family farms. This offers small family farms the potential of growing specialty crops such as fruits, berries, herbs, flowers, whatever the niche markets would demand, thus giving the farmers a chance for additional income from either selling what they grow or creating their own value added products. There is a need for small fruit growers in our state. We can help create a market for the fruits they grow. There is no doubt we are finding a market for WV grown products. Not only in this state but in neighboring states as well.

Through mail order, our products have even found their way to the homes of people in Europe, the Far East and Asia. People of WV are proud to share a piece of West Virginia with their friends all over the world. West Virginians’ all over the world crave a piece of their heritage of West Virginia.

In September of 2015 Bob and Becky announced that the company would celebrate their 20th Anniversary of Marketing Value Added Products for the State of West Virginia with a New Line of Fruit Wines! Named and flavored from the same Fruits and Berries in our mouthwatering preserves, jams, jellies and fruit butters…. We introduce 4 West Virginia Fruit and Berry, Fruit Wines! They include Mountain Blackberry/ Wild & Wonderful Raspberry/Luscious Cherry Blossom and Uncle Jakes Elderberry Wine.

These Wines are now available in the states of West Virginia and Virginia where ever you buy wine. Ask for them by name, West Virginia Fruit and Berry, Fruit Wines!

Distributed by Northern Eagle and Mountain State Beverage in West Virginia…In Virginia they are Distributed by The Country Vintner.

Awards and Publications

West Virginia Fruit and Berry has been written up in several newspapers and magazines.

The following Publications have recognized us for our Agri-Tourism ideas at our farm as well as our Marketing Plan for our line of Fruit and Berry Products now available in over 200 Retail Outlets in the state and now expanding to out of state markets.

Following is a list of different publications that have featured our business or farm:

  • The Clarksburg Telegram (Several Times)
  • Bridgeport News The Charleston Gazette (Several Times)
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette
  • West Virginia Wild and Wonderful Magazine
  • The State Journal
  • Country Living

Local and State Television Stations have featured us on special food or Agri-Tourism segments.

  • WDTV-TV Weston/Clarksburg
  • WBOY-TV Clarksburg/Fairmont
  • WCHS-TV Charleston

Awards we have received in the past include:

  • Appreciation and dedication to Harrison County
    • Dec. 2002 from the Harrison County Development Authority
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Award
    • Oct. 9, 2001 by the Upper Monongahela Valley Score Chapter #537
  • A Proclamation was presented us by The County Commission of Harrison Co.
    • Naming August 1st 2000, "West Virginia Fruit and Berry Day" in our Harrison Co.
  • 55 Best Things in West Virginia
    • Named one of the 55 Best Things in WV May-June 2008 in "The State Journal", newspaper in Charleston, WV.
  • Top 50 Gifts from Each State for 2012
    • Named the Best Gift in WV in October Issue of "Successful Meetings Magazine".
  • SCORE and Sam’s Club Holiday Program in December 2012:
    • Named one of two businesses in WV chosen for this award, we were one of 102 beneficiaries from every state in the USA. Won $1,000.00 cash award and a trip to attend the SCORE Small Business Educational Event which that took place January 23-24 in Dallas, TX.

Through our travels to market and taste our products at different fairs, festivals and special events we have enjoyed numerous awards in the Best of Taste category from:

  • Mountaineer Week in Morgantown, WV
  • The Buckwheat Festival in Kingwood , WV
  • The Mountain State Heritage Arts and Crafts Show in Harpers Ferry, WV to name a few……

Other Festivals we have attended are:

  • Uniquely West Virginia, Berkeley Springs, WV
  • The Augusta Festival in Elkins, WV
  • The Stonewall Jackson Heritage Arts and Craft Show, Lewis County
  • Oglebay holds 4 festivals per year and we attend all of them, Wheeling, WV
  • The Dogwood Festival in Huntington, WV
  • The Mountain State Apple Harvest Festival in Martinsburg, WV
  • Fire on the Mountain/Chili Cook off, Snowshoe Mt., Snowshoe, WV
  • The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Shows in DC & VA
  • The Virginia Show Production Shows/ Spring and Christmas in Richmond, VA
  • Events Management Group, Inc. Shows in Virginia Beach, VA
  • The Merchandise Mart Christmas Show in NC with the WV Dept of Agr.
  • Bodacious Bazaar, Hampton VA
  • Many others…..